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Efusion, Psychic Self Defense, Phytophysics and Reiki Level 1-4 seminars by Reiki Grandmaster Shihan Richard Yap from Kuala Lumpur.

27.02. – 17.03.2020

Free Introduction on:

27.02.2020 (20.00 Uhr)


The art and science of no drug no touch therapy, that can effective eliminate or reduces pain and sufferings in 1 session.

Efusion Level 1 & 2:

Absorbing and transmitting Universal energy.
Types of cleansing methods.
Types of colors pranas/life force and it’s properties.
Understanding the purpose and functions of each chakras and it’s location on the auric field of the physical body.
Scanning the 7 chakras and types of energy bodies.
Diagnosing the congestive or depletive chakras.
Learning to see the Air and Sun Prana and the auras of big trees. Absorbing healing energies from strong and big trees.
Distant or absent healing.
Theory and practice of using healing crystals (Prana Crystals).
Discussions of various forms of healing modalities.
Daily Prayers: St. Francis Of Assisi and The Lords’ prayer.
Cleansing the hands and space clearing for the healing therapy room.
Scanning negative or contaminated places.


Basic Class Seminar:
2 Days. 8 Hours per day

Dates: 03.03. – 04.03.2020 –

Cost: 400 €

Psychic Self Defense

A non combatant technique.

Kriya Payattu a.k.a Psychic Self Defense
Understanding the reality of thoughtforms and how it influences others.

Types of psychic attacks.
-Common Attacks
-Uncommon attacks
-Self Attacks.
-Environmental attacks.

Types of Thought forms and its dangers.
-Weakening Thought forms
-Disturbing Thought forms
-Dangerous Thought forms
-Violet Thought forms
-Thought Being.

Types of shielding:
Egg Shield
Tower of Light
Body Armour shield (for Martial artist only).
Creating shielding for your assets: House, cars and valuables.Types of cleansing:
Scanning of thoughtforms and suppressed emotions.
Learning to clear the thoughtforms.

Scanning the chakras: Psychological functions of the chakras and interpretations of the colors.

Types of protections: Using common products and how to change water into cleansing waters.
Programming “Watch Dog” for warning purposes by using gemstones, rings and amulets.
Creating an Astral Bodyguard.

Seminar: 2 Days. 8 Hours per day
Dates: 05.03. +06.03. 2020 –

Cost: 400 €


The art and technique of using flower vibration for healing especially autism and ADD or ADHD children.

Phytobiophysics healing system which founded by Diana Mossop, utilizes the infinite natural resources from the energy aspect of flowers and plants to redress imbalances on all levels of consciousness. The Mossop philosophy is a synthesis of various ancient wisdoms from the East and the West in combination with the modern scientific knowledgeThere are a few adjunctive therapies within Phytobiophysics. The Mossop Philosophy to further support and enhance the body recovery. These adjunctive therapies are Podo Rhacidian Therapy for structure alignment, Jump Leading for eliminating toxic energy, and Manual Lymphatic Stimulation Therapy to enhance energy and circulatory system. The Heart Lock Theory is used as an analytical tool to assist the client to deal with his/her emotional stress.

The use of energy from plants and flowers as a form of natural therapy to redress the imbalances of emotional and energy level is not new. The ancient Egyptian queen has been known for bathing in rose petals to maintain her youth and beauty. Similar practices were also found in the Malay, Chinese, Indian, and European culture. In recent years, the number of natural therapists and energy healers using this form of therapy to redress imbalances on various levels have increased.

For the past 20 years, Phytobiophysics practitioners all over the world have been quietly helping numerous people worldwide in easing their discomfort physically and emotionally. This energy healing modality has also been used alongside modern medical procedures to support those with various medical conditions.

Seminar: 2 Days. 6-8 Hours per day
Dates: 16.03. +17.03. 2020 –

Cost: 400 €


Usui Reiki Seminar Level 1 to 4 (Shodan, Okuden, Shinpiden and Reiki Master/Sensei)

Reiki is a special art that transcend space and time. Easy to learn but lifetime to Master. In traditional Usui there are two categories. Eastern and Western style. Both are the same but Western Reiki practices singular attunement and Eastern practices multiple attunement. Once attune you are already a channeler of Reiki energy and no one can remove that gift from you. The density and potency however will be enhanced with frequent practices. There is no time duration for one to Master it or to become a proficient Reiki Therapist. The First Reiki Master attune under AMTCT will be known/called a Shihan. He or she can have assistant Reiki Masters known as Shihan Kaku. All practitioners will receive a degree: Shodan, Okuden, Shinpiden and Reiki Master/Sensei. In Japan Reiki Masters are known as either O Sensei (great teacher) or Shihan (Headmaster).

Reiki Level 1:
History and lineage of Reiki, attunement process, Principles of Reiki, Self-relaxation technique: Progressive relaxation script,
Hands positions for self-healing, Hands on Practice.

Reiki Level 2:
Reiki level 2 attunement, The concept and principle of interconnectedness, Distant / absent healing, 3 Reiki symbols, Practicing the 3 Reiki symbols and feelings the vibrations, Practicing on self and fellow participants.

Reiki level 3:
Reiki level 3 attunement, 1 Reiki Master symbol, Violet Breath to disintegrate negative emotions and thoughtforms, Psychic Surgery, Practicing combination of Level 2 and 3 symbols, Group healing and giving reiki for blessings.

Reiki Level 4: Mastery

Full Seminar Dates:
4 Days: 09.03. – 12.03.2020  >>> – daily
5 Evenings: 09.03. – 13.03.2020  >>> – daily

Costs Single Classes:
Reiki Level 1 100 €
Reiki Level 2 120 €
Reiki Level 3 800 €
Reiki Mastery 1000 €

Cost All 4 Levels:
Reiki 1-Mastery 1000 €

Our Guests from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Grandmaster Shihan Richard Yap

Guru Master Richard Yap has a broad background in metaphysics including more than 30 years of experience as a trainer and consultant to various organizations. He is specialized in Reiki Healing, Pranic Healing, Crystal Healing, and Pranic Psychotherapy since 1992. Then, he became the first licensed Malaysian to obtain a license to teach and promote Pranic Healing in Malaysia.

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Master Rebecca Then

Rebecca is a Director of All Mystica Transforma Chi Tao. She is also a Reiki Master, a certified trainer for e-Fusion Natural Healing System and a clinical hypnotherapist. Since joining force with AMTCT in 2005 (formally known as Integrated Studies of Inner Science), she had devoted her time and knowledge providing healing and therapy services to the ill and needy. Over the years she had helped countless people who had been suffering from all types of illnesses from stress disorder to cancer, alleviating their stress, pain and discomfort through energy healing and hypnotherapy.

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Kong Poei Moon 江佩文

Moon, specialised in Phytobiophysics The Mossop Philosophy, has been practicing energy healing for the past 13 years. Currently she is a Director of Phytobiophysics Sdn Bhd as well as the certified trainer of The Institute of Phytobiophysics, UK.  Moon has been working towards this mission by organising and participating in various charity healing projects in Malaysia, Mongolia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and etc.

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Booking 2020

Free Introduction: 27.02.
Efusion: 03.03 +04.03. – daily
Psychic Self Defense: 05.03. +06.03. – daily
Reiki Day: 09. – 12.03 – daily
Reiki Evening: 09. – 13.03. – daily
Phytobiophysics: 16.03 + 17.03. – daily

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