Master Kong Poei Moon 江佩文

Moon, specialised in Phytobiophysics The Mossop Philosophy, has been practicing energy healing for the past 13 years. Currently she is a Director of Phytobiophysics Sdn Bhd as well as the certified trainer of The Institute of Phytobiophysics, UK. Phytobiophysics, founded by Prof Diana Mossop, a philosophy using the energy aspect of flowers and plants to restore harmony of mankind on all level of consciousness. The mission of the Institute of Phytobiophysics is to bring affordable healthcare to all children of the world. Moon has been working towards this mission by organising and participating in various charity healing projects in Malaysia, Mongolia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and etc.

Other than providing personal service to people, Moon has started to teach Phytobiophysics as well as her other knowledge in energy healings since 2003. She has travelled to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand to spread the knowledge to as many people as possible with the aim to spread energy medicine so that more will start to take care and respect the natures and by doing so able to utilise the nature’s power to optimise one’s heatlh. Apart from specialised in Phytobiophysics Healing system, she is one of the senior member and Reiki Master of Integrated Studies of Inner Science Sdn Bhd. Moon has been providing free healing and therapy services to the ill and needy whenever she can. Over the years she had integrated her knowledge of various healing modalities such as Phytobiophysics healing system, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Pranic healing, E-fusion, Manual Lymphatic Stimulation Therapy, Podo Rhacidian Therapy to helped countless people who had been suffering from all types of illnesses from stress disorder to cancer, alleviating their stress, pain and discomfort.

  • Certified trainer and practitioner for Phytobiophysics The Mossop Philosophy – The Institute of Phytobiophysics,UK  英国植物生物能量学府合格治疗师及讲师
  • Author of the book relating to flowers’ energy for healing in Chinese. “花疗开心”作者
  • Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy – London College of Clinical Hypnosis ( 2011). 伦敦临床催眠学府•認知行為催眠療法
  • Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis – London College of Clinical Hypnosis  ( 2010). 伦敦临床催眠学府•临床催眠療法
  • Certified Clinical Meridian Hypnosis, Guangxi, China (2009)中国认证经络催眠师
  • Certified Trainer for Reiki and Energy Works, Integrated Studies of Inner Science, Malaysia  (2003)灵气导师
  • Doctor of Medicine (Medicina Alternativa), The Open University for Complementary Medicines and Medicina Alternativa Institute, Colombo (2000) •醫學博士(Medicina Alternativa),科倫坡互補藥物開放大學和藥用植物替代研究所(2000年)
  • Bachelor of Arts and Social Science 1996 (Honored Degree) – Universiti Malaya (1996) •社會科學學士(榮譽學位) – 馬來亞大學(1996)

Current Engagements:

  • Director / Trainer / practitioner of Phytobiophysics Sdn Bhd (since 2001)
  • Volunteer Energy Healing Trainer / Therapist – Integrated Studies of Inner Science Sdn Bhd (since 2003)
  • Treasurer for The Malaysian Society for Complimentary Medicine 2013-2014
  • Consultant for International Self Healing Research Institution, Hong Kong in the field of Phytobiophysics The Mossop Philosophy (2012)
  • Head of  “Healing the Special Need Children with Phytobiophysics The Mossop Philosophy Project” at Bentong Special Needs Center since 2011

Previous Experiences and Involvement:

  • Speaker at various congress and conference on Natural Healing / Complimentary Medicine in Malaysia, India, China, Hong Kong and Vietnam:
    • The 6th World Natural Medicine Conference ( 21-23 Sept 2012, Macau, China)
    • 5th World Natural Medicine Conference (29-31 July 2011, Malaysia)
    • The Fourth World Academic Conference on Natural Medicine (15-17 Oct  2010, Nanjing, China)
    • International Scientific Health Enhancement & Diet Therapy Summit (12-13 Sept 2010, Hong Kong)
    • World Wellness Women’s Congress ( March 20-22, 2009,  Chennai India )
    • The 8th Annual International Congress Manipulative Medicine and Traditional Therapy (2008, Hanoi, Vietnam)
    • The 2008 Academics Meeting & Traumatology Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (27-28 August 2008, Ipoh, Malaysia)
    • 6th International Traditional / Complementary Medicine Conference & 3rd International  Congress on Traditional Medicine & Materia Medica (July 17-20 2007, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
    • 13th Asian Homeopathic Medical League & 6th International Conference Homeoppahtic & Complimentary Medicine (7 – 10 Sept 2002, Kota Bahru, Malaysia)
  • Voluntary services as Phytobiophysics practitioner  to heal the children for orphanages in Mongolia ( 2010 by AMARA Charity, UK)
  • Voluntary services to heal the survival of Tsunami in Sri Lanka in 2005 (joined organised by Academy of Phytobiophysics Sdn Bhd, The Institute of Phytobiophysics and Open University of Sri Lanka)
  • Participate in various charity healing events organised by Ren Ai TCM Hospital as well as others organisations throughout Malaysia.


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