Holistic alternative treatments
by Sportschule Alex e.V.

“Dynamo” (gr.Strenght) offers you holistic alternative treatments and considers you, the human, as one unity and focuses on the whole because your body and spirit unavoidably interdepend.

Treatment fields

  • Back-, knee-, hip and shoulder pain
  • Spine-, cervical vertebra- or hip malposition
  • Nervous conditions
  • Sports injury
  • Torn muscle fibre
  • Joint, muscle or tenosynovitis


  • Conversations
  • Medical therapy bed
  • Thermal tourmanium mat
  • Massage
  • TCM
  • Ostheopathy
  • Kundalini Meditation
  • Silat Ceremony

Treatment approach

The treatment approach of Dynamo derives from the intensive studies of martial arts. The deeper and longer one deals with the human body in martial arts, it gets clear that an efficient confrontation is only possible through a precise analysis of the general condition of the human. This analysis reveals the cause of the complaints and the Master recognises the possible healing method analogous to the vulnerability of the opponent. A concluding circle.

Master Kamanis studied ten different martial- and healing arts on a technical, anthropological and medical level. Inter alia Silat, Kung-Fu, TMR and the GMPPZ system.

Give yourself the opportunity to regenerate your vitality naturally.

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    The aim of holistic alternative treatments
    is an unhindered energy flow,
    self-healing and soulfulness.

    Development and the Master

    Master Alexandros Kamanis

    The treatment practice of Master Alexandros Kamanis date back to a longstanding, complex, holistic study of the different martial arts and their consequences. 1979 he started with judo and added more styles from year to year, for instance aikido, karate, taekwondo, kung-fu, stick fight, kickboxing, thaiboxing, muay boran, hapkido and silat. In his longstanding study he has dealt with martial arts on a historical, philosophical and anthropological level. In all of the ten martial arts Master Alex has achieved his Master graduation. In five of them even the fifth Dan (Master graduation).

    The most important Masters in the holistic, alternative therapeutic area:


    Master Alexandros Kamanis was a Master student of Kim Sou Bong, who came to Germany from Korea in 1964. He was one of the first Masters to teach Hapkido (a Korean self defence) in Germany. Parallel to teaching martial arts he also held lectures at the University of Duesseldorf (Germany) in the field of psychology. He devised the GMPPZ and the patented TMR healing system. Both systems show the connection between the physique and the psyche and illustrate the process to self-healing. Master Kim perceived very early that physical complaints especially go along with inner conflicts.


    His wife, Mrs. Shu-Qin Wang, studied at the Beijing university of traditional Chinese medicine and has more than 30 years of clinical experience. She taught at the university of Kairo as a teacher for TCM and founded the first acupuncture centre in Egypt. Traditional Chinese medicine is officially recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization), a sub-organisation of the UN. Mrs. Wang has helped many patients with serous illnesses, inter alia with acupuncture, cupping and energetic consultation.
    Master Alex spend many years with Grandmaster Kim and his wife and has taken the essence of his teaching and pursues and uses it to this day.


    Guru Sitarasu from the Advanced Kundalini Yoga Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, initiated Master Alex to the meditation techniques of the Kundalini Yoga from Guru Gnanavel Paranjothi Mahan. Mahans Kundalini Yoga is a meditation technique that influences the human biological rejuvenation system. Inner conflicts but also consequented habits are being recognized and transformed through meditation. The path to self- knowldege and self-determination is set free through constant meditation.


    Grandmaster AVS Bathi Alimuthu from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has the eighth Dan in ITF Taekwondo and is ten times Malaysian Champion in a row. He taught Master Alex Kamanis the traditional healing of Silat.

    Meister Alexandros Kamanis
    Meister Alexandros Kamanis


    General medicine merely focuses on the symptoms of your illness and not on the cause. In many cases it only comes to a temporary alleviation of the complaints or to a relapse after concluded medical treatment. What are the actual causes? Inner conflicts and psychological complaint often express through physical complaint. Those can be analysed through ones posture and body language. Important for this process is the genuine truth, that one has to admit, in order to bring body and mind in balance. After treatment measures for physical alleviation of your complaints, you will be able to realize false habits that have led to diseases or disruptions and evaluate them which will lead to a permanent improvement.
    The aim of the treatments is the path to self-healing and regained vitality. As there are no side effects expectable, it is always worth to try to restore the health in a natural way.